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The Power of Purple Is Within Us!

Embrace the Power of Purple

Many may think that purple is simply a shade of color. A mixture that is easily produced by combining the primary colors of Red and Blue. However, upon deeper examination, one often comes to realize that purple symbolizes much more than originally meets the eye. So, what does Purple actually represent?… and how is it that Purple has the ability to harness so much power?

Purple represents life as we know it, or perhaps Life as it is intended to be. It’s a mother’s first touch. Her newborn baby as it’s gently rested in the warm embrace of her outstretched arms. It’s the single tear that rolls down her cheek as she gazes into the eyes of the person she’s just created. Purple is the feeling in her heart, the moment it’s eternally bound to that of the child’s. Purple is much more than a simple secondary color. It’s best described as a raw feeling of emotion, the likes of which can never be faked or fabricated. It, may only be pure and true, resonating from the heart and the soul of those who’ve been touched. Purple is that split second, when a young girls heart melts as he enters a crowded room. It’s the radiating glow that comes from within her as she feels her heart skip with every approaching step that he takes. Purple is the warm ray of sunlight peeking through the curtains as you roll over to kiss the one you love on a lazy summer’s morning. When you feel the Power of Purple it’s both unforgettable and undeniable. It splashes upon you like a tidal wave swiftly sweeping you away to an island of bliss and serenity. The Power of Purple is released as you profess your love through the sacred vows at your wedding. It’s the intimate time, spent with your lover, as you enjoy the long awaited honeymoon of your dreams. Conveyed not through the poetry of words, but instead, interpreted by the heart, when that poetry is set into motion. Its the feeling you get as you witness your child taking their very first steps as if they too were among Armstrong’s Apollo 11 vessel, making history with every step they take. Or the appreciation you have as your closest friend provides you a shoulder to lean on in time of need. Purple is the feeling that arises when reminiscing with those you love most during a slow day of laughter in the comfort of your own backyard. It’s the memories we’ve made, and the anticipation of those yet to come. The Power of Purple pushes us farther while holding us closely through our displays of compassion, and affection towards one another. Purple is the binding force that keeps friendships alive through past endeavors and the promise of many more decades to come. It’s the reasoning behind forever and the purpose for continuing on to the great unknown. Purple is the strength of laughter, the joy of a smile, and the warmth we feel when wrapped in the embracing arms of a loved one. Purple is your son and your daughter. It’s your mother, as well as your father. Purple is your friends, and your family. Quite simply ……. Purple is YOU!

Relationships come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Its a Husband and his Wife. Its Friends and Family. It’s a Parent and their Child. All of these different relationships hold strong through the Power of Purple. When OBC began we were just a few friends enjoying the quality time spent around the BBQ, completely oblivious to the fact that the Power of Purple is what was so strongly holding us all together. Throughout the journey of Oregon BBQ, it became clear how strong this power truly is and what it means to us. It was an addiction to the smiles we saw on our customers faces after biting into the delicious slow smoked meats we worked so hard to produce. The moments we shared with our community, working hand in hand to better the lives of those we live amongst. It’s every time we’re able to make someone’s day a little better by passing on a smile and watching them drive away, unknowingly effected by the infectious Power of Purple. It’s the newlyweds who come up to us after catering their wedding letting us know we played a part in making their special day one to remember. Written in our company Mission lies a constant reminder of how strong the Power of Purple is, “Create a BBQ experience that inspires a backyard gathering. Deliver excellent hospitality, while providing Joy and Happiness to families of our community.” With a mission that reaches far beyond the realms of BBQ, we knew we needed something that accurately represents it’s meaning. We needed something that could sum it all up into three words in order to get others to participate and actively spread the power as well. That’s how the Power of Purple came to be. It’s something far greater than seen by the human eye, something beyond the touch of the human hand… It is something much deeper than can be expressed in the written word.… the Power of Purple is ONLY something that can truly be felt by the heart. The heart of both those who give and those who receive it.

We’re sure you have heard all about the Power of Purple Campaign starting August 1st, but did you know that the color Purple happens to be Oregon BBQ’s favorite as well? It also just happens to be 2018’s Color of the year. With that being said we want to know how the Power of Purple affects you? Which of your relationships do you feel Purple the most? Is it hanging out in the backyard with all of your friends and family around? Is it when your grandson makes that surprise visit? Is it when you finally get to see your Hubby at the end of the day? Or is it when you walk in the door and your kids come running up and jump into your open arms? All of these questions lead us right into our social media event for August, OBC’s first ever Social Media Picture Contest, #PowerofPurple.

Taking place through the entire month of August, the #PowerofPurple picture contest is your opportunity to show us some Purple! Take a selfie with your family or friends and include an OBC Purple Cup in the picture! Tag us in your photo on Facebook or Instagram and use #PowerofPurple in the Caption! Go ahead and tell us a little bit about your experience with the #PowerofPurple in the Caption as well! At the end of the Month we will have the difficult decision of deciding which picture best showcases the #PowerofPurple.

So ask yourself….. are you ready to Embrace The Power of Purple?

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