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FREE BBQ FOR A DAY at Oregon BBQ Company!

Oregon Barbecue Company is set to



 Oregon BBQ is extremely excited to announce that they once again will be holding their Annual Holiday “Feed the City” Event on December 21st where they will be giving away FREE FOOD all day long to everyone who comes down and visits.

As a way of saying Thank You to the Local Communities which have extended such incredible support throughout the year OBC will be giving anyone who visits their local Oregon BBQ Company establishments a FREE MEAL of their choice. There will be a full menu of items to choose from including items such as their Award Winning Meats of Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Candied Ribs, and Twice Smoked German Sausage. Each meal comes with two side dishes of either Potato Salad, BBQ Beans, Creamy Coleslaw, Buttered Corn, or Fritos Corn Chips.

“We’re gonna be stuffing the pits as full as we can get ‘em, put a 12 hour smoke on it, and hand it out until its gone,” explained OBC Pitmaster Morgan Shuck. The event will be held at your local Oregon Barbecue Company location in Albany (744 Old Salem Rd) or Lebanon (1112 Main St) starting at 10:00 am and going as long as supplies are available.

 “The Holiday Season is very special to us,” explains Poff the company’s President and CEO. “It brings to center stage what we stand for and believe in as a company. It’s about spending quality time with family and loved ones and making those precious memories that stick with you for a lifetime. We believe that BBQ has the same type of magical quality which tends to bring people closer together and give them experiences that they’ll take with them for many years to come.”

    This seasons event marks the 4th consecutive year that the Oregon Barbecue Company has decided to close its tills and feed the patrons of their communities free of charge. “It was such an incredible event last year,” says Adam Cluver the COO of the company, “The atmosphere, of what felt like the entire city, coming together and enjoying a Holiday meal with each other truly represents what the Holiday Season is all about. We can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes us to feed those that may not otherwise have the opportunity or means to come dine with us regularly,” added Cluver.

    The Oregon Barbecue Company fully believes in the Holiday Season being about friends, families, and loved ones. So much so that the “Feed the City” event designates the last day the business is open in 2019. Once they’ve finished “Feeding the City” Oregon Barbecue shuts down every location and sends their employees (the “OBC Fam” as its known) home on paid vacation for the remainder of the year to be with the ones they love most.

“We want to thank everyone for making this year such an incredible success,” says Pendley, VP of Oregon BBQ. “We have such amazing communities surrounding us that have continued to give us tremendous amounts of support along this amazing journey. We look forward to this event all year long as it’s a wonderful way to end the year and show everyone in our community how much we love and appreciate them.”

    The Oregon Barbecue Company encourages anyone that is in the area to come and enjoy a great day of community, food, and friends during the “Feed the City” event on December 21st.  As their tagline plainly states….. “Come and get ‘ya some!” only this time it wont cost you a thing!

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