Oregon BBQ Steps Up To Pay Local Artist Who Got Brushed Off

The Oregon Barbecue Company is stepping up to help raise money for a local Artist in Lebanon Oregon who spent months painting beautiful murals on local business buildings only to be brushed off when it came time to collect the money he was promised.

The Oregon BBQ Company (OBC) is opening up a 2nd location at 1112 Main St. in Lebanon which is a building that local artist Mark Loehr spent last summer painting as a Log Cabin with an amazing Forest Themed interior for the buildings previous business owners. When OBC took control of the building and heard that the artist didn’t receive the compensation he was owed they felt it was their duty to step in and make good on a promise that they didn’t even make.

We’ve never met Mark (the artist) before, but we think he is truly an amazing talent. When you look at the level of detail on his work you cant help but appreciate all the time and energy he must of spent to make it all come together,” stated Pendley the VP of Oregon Barbecue Company. He went on to say “When we heard that he didn’t receive the money he was promised it broke our hearts and we really felt for Marks situation, so we decided to rally the community around him and come up with a way to right this wrong.”

The new OBC Restaurant opens this Wednesday March 6th and will have both Dine-in and Drive-Thru options for their customers to enjoy. This location will also be open on Saturdays giving families a wonderful chance to come enjoy OBC’s Award Winning BBQ on the weekends as well.

“We are SO excited to have secured this building,”