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Oregon BBQ Lends a Hand To Local Animal Shelter and So Can You....

Oregon BBQ Lends a Hand to Local Animal Shelter and So Can You….

Each year the Linn County Sheriff’s Animal Control Shelter holds two silent auction fundraisers to raise funds for the continued success of their animal shelter and rehab facility. This program is a nonprofit organization and the money raised from these auctions is used for the many extras that they occur on a daily basis. Things such as caring for sick or injured dogs, better bedding, vaccines and medication, unexpected veterinary visits for stray dogs that have been left behind, cleaning products for disinfecting kennels, and many additional areas that come with running a program such as this.

Between December 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018, the Linn County Animal Shelter received 486 stray dogs. 136 of which were released by their owners and many of which were sick or injured. A majority of the dogs that were taken in by the animal shelter went on to be either reclaimed by their owners, rehomed directly from the shelter, or were transferred to nearby shelters or rescues for continued rehoming efforts. Although dogs are the majority of animals handled by the Linn County Animal Control they are not the only animals that need assistance. The shelter also received 4 stray horses that were able to receive medical assistance and eventually placed in new loving and caring homes. Without a doubt these efforts come at a cost and all of the amazing work is being done on a minimal and restrictive budget. This is why these fundraising auctions are such an important and integral part of ensuring the continued success of the Linn County Sheriff’s Organization.

Naturally when the Linn County Animal Shelter reached out to ask the Oregon Barbecue Company to assist with this years silent auction we were more than excited to do our part and lend a helping hand. Our donation of products will be showcased at the programs largest fundraising event of the year being held on February 21-23, 2019. As members of the Linn County community we are humbled with the opportunity to give back to such a great cause and continuing to do our part in bringing Joy and Happiness to the families and pets of our community. Many households’ pets are considered to be members of the family and we are thrilled to see the Linn County Sherriff’s Animal Shelter bringing these animals back to their families or finding them a loving home to call their own.

If you would like to help out these animals and support the mission of the Linn County Sheriff’s Animal Control we invite you to participate in this years auction and get involved in making a difference within our communities.

This Years Fundraiser is being held on February 21st – 23rd, 2019

To View the Provided Event Flyer Please Use the Link Below.

For More Information on Linn County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter:

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