A Huge Christmas Success!

This Years "Feed The City" Event was a great success for the winners of the "Small Business of the Year" award as they fed hundreds of people FREE BBQ and sent families FREE Photos with Santa Claus!

Last Saturday, December 22nd the Oregon Barbecue Company held it's 3rd Annual "Feed The City" Event where they closed their tills, opened their hearts, and gave away over $10,000.00 worth of FREE BBQ to anyone who was able to make it down and attend the celebration. The event took place at both of the OBC locations (Albany & Lebanon) and went for a majority of the day before they'd given away ALL of the Award Winning Slow Smoked BBQ around 3:00pm.

"This event means so much to the OBC Family," explains Pendley, the company's VP. "It truly warms our hearts being able to give back to those who have supported us over the year. It's also just a great way to gather those in our community during the Holiday Season and also gives those who may not have the opportunity or means to take their families out to eat a chance to come together and bond over some traditional slow smoked bbq."

When visiting an Oregon Barbecue Company establishment it's clear to see that they not only care about the craft they've worked so hard to master but that they are genuinely concerned about the well being of those who visit them and the communities they represent. The Oregon Barbecue Company has been Rated the #1 BBQ in the State of Oregon, Voted "Small Business of the Year", Ranked as "Best Catering Company's in the State", Statesman Journal's "Gold Medal Award" Winners, along with many other awards and accolades throughout the 2018 season.

"We are very humbled and honored being recognized with these awards but it really comes down to the people," continues Pendley. "It really is all about the people. The amazing fans in our community that continually give us such tremendous amounts of love and support throughout the years. Without them none of this would even be possible. Thats why this event means so much to us. Its our attempt at trying to show them how much we appreciate them and how much they mean to the OBC Family." He then goes on to