4 oz. Brisket Dust Shaker

Ever wonder what makes Oregon Barbecue's Brisket so good? A little bit of love, the perfect amount of smoke, and OBC Brisket Dust sprinkled all over of course! Come and Get Ya' Some and season it right!

4 oz. Brisket Dust Shaker


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    Season your meat at home, just like we do! The OBC signature Hog Rub is a great on Pork, Chicken, Turkey and whatever else you would like to step up your seasoning game on!


    Let's face it, you love Barbecue. Not only do you love eating, but you love cooking it. Surely there is no better way to stock up your Seasoning Collection than with the OBC Seasoning Heavy Haul. Complete with a 4oz. Shaker and 16oz. Pouch of both Hog Rub and Brisket Dust! 


    A Comfy Shirt for Comfort Food. This high quality shirt is printed with the original Oregon Barbecue Company Logo on the front and "Went & Got Me Some" on the back. Let 'em know you ate some of that Slow Smoked Goodness!