Oregon Barbecue Company Named

"Best BBQ"

in Oregon

- Best Things Oregon

Oregon Barbecue Company


Inspired by our backyard BBQ gatherings with friends and family, we’ve captured the ultimate combination of culture, atmosphere, mouth-watering food, and brought it to the masses. Our award winning BBQ was far too tasty to keep all to ourselves, so the Oregon Barbecue Company is bringing the finger lickin’ goodness to the great people of the Pacific Northwest!  From our family to yours, 


"Come and get 'ya some!"


                   - Oregon Barbecue Family

“This place never disappoints! We live in Salem and tried a BBQ place that's been getting a lot of buzz there. First bite and my husband and I both said, "It's not as good as Oregon BBQ Co.!" Just picked up a brisket sandwich and a pound more to enjoy later. First bite into the sandwich, it was like it said, "Welcome home!"

Ssssoo amazingly delish!”

Stacey C. - FB Review
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744 old Salem Rd

Albany, Or 97321

Ph: 541.704.7333 Ext. 1


3140 S. Santiam Hwy

Lebanon, Or 97355

Ph: 541.704.7333 Ext. 2



Monday - Sunday

11am - 8pm or Sold Out



Closed Due to Covid

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